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Kites Movement of Lithuania 2009 

14st of March, 11AM, Saturday. Celebration of Kites Season Opening. Klaipeda, Melnrage beach.

18st of August, 10 AM, Saturday, Sport Kites Competition at the sea bridge. Palanga. At hotel “MEDUZA”. Organizer "Club 108"


24st of August, 3PM, Friday, Kites making seminar in Zapyškis culture Centrum, Kaunas dist. 

25st of August,  11AM, Saturday, National Kites Fiesta for the Earth. Zapyskis, Kaunas dist. 

27st of August,  3PM, Monday, Kites & VDU spring festival. Nemunas island, Kaunas. 

7th of March, 3PM, Thursday, EU day Kites making seminar. Garliava, Kaunas dist. 

9-10th of March, 11AM-5PM, Saturday-Sunday, Kites making seminar in Zapyškis, Kaunas dist. 

15th of March, 12PM, Friday. Kites for Lithuanian Army. Silale.

7th of June, Sunday. 12 AM. Kites fiesta

"The smile of sky 2009 - children against violence",

dedicated to Father's Day. Vilnius, at the Baltasis bridge. 


and more ... 


Kites Movement of Lithuania 2008

13th of January, Sunday. Luminous Kites. Kaunas. In Santaka park and on the willow nearby Kaunas castle.

6th of February, Saturday. Kite with Kaunas municipality heraldics. Kaunas, the garden of the museum of Vytautas Didysis.

1st of March, Saturday. Celebration of Kites Season Opening. Klaipeda, Melnrage beach.

11th of March, Wednesday. Kites of Independence. Kaunas, Azuolynas park.

30th of August, 3 PM. Kites fiesta, dedicated to 500 jubilee of Zapyskis town.

16th of March, Sunday. Kites in the Nemunas island. Kaunas.

Experiments of New Spaces. Kaunas: Supermarket "Akropolis", parking square, 3st flour.

On the roof of "BLC". Kaunas, Donelaicio str. 62

16th-30th of March. Kite "Vision of St. Francis" in St. Jones Churche. Vinius, St. Jones str. 12.

24th of March, Monday. Easter Kites. Pociunai airport.

26-27th of March. Kites making seminar. Kaunas cultural variety centre. kaunas, St. Gertruda str. 58

1st of April, Tuesday. Uzupis people uplifting to the sky their personal truths. Vilnius, Uzupis.

3rd-4th of April. Kites making seminar for teachers. Kaunas schoolchildren technical creature centre. Kaunas, A. Mickeviciaus str.

19th of April. Sport Kites Competition at the sea bridge. Palanga. Organizer "Club 108"


21st and 25th of April. Kites making lessons in Kaunas M. Mazvydas secondary school Waldorf classes.


24th of April. Kites action "The Letters of Clouds are Messengers of Happiness" at the Baltasis bridge. Vilnius.

26th of April, Saturday. National Kites Fiesta for the Earth. Zapyskis, Kaunas dist.

27th of April. Clean-up of the environment in Aleksotas airport. Kaunas.

10th of May. Kites for Lithuanian Army. Pabaiskas, Ukmerge dist.

11th of May, Sunday. Kites making workshop at the Druskonis lake. Druskininkai.

11th of May, Sunday. Sport kites demonstration in Spring Festival held by Vytautas Didysis University. Kaunas, in the island of Nemunas.

15-16th of May. Kites making workshop, dedicated to Day of European Union. Partner - "Bliuskis". Jonava, at the old bridge.

17th of May, Saturday. Flying kites. Partner Giedrius Mumblys and Co. Karkle.

21st of May, Wednesday. Kites action "Flying city", dedicated to 600 years jubilee of Kaunas municipality. Kaunas, Santaka

21st of May. Kites action. Veliuona pier. Partner - "Bliuskis".

22nd of May. Kites action. Raudone pier. Partner - "Bliuskis".

24th of May. Kites action. Jurbarkas pier. Partner - "Bliuskis".

29th of May. Kites action. Rusne pier. Parter - "Bliuskis".

30th of May, Friday. Kites flying "Fairies of Winds". Santaka park, Kaunas.


31st of May, Saturday. "Blossoms of Nemunas lands". Kite making workshop in Raudone castle. Jurbarkas dist.

1st of June, Sunday. 12 AM. Kites fiesta "The smile of sky 2008 - children against violence", dedicated to Father's Day. Vilnius, at the Baltasis bridge.

1st of June, Sunday. 2 PM. Kites at the Nida pier. The final point of "Bliuskis" tour. The tourist season opening.

1st of June, Sunday. From 11 AM. "XXL Kites", dedicated to Children Day. Klaipeda, at the BIG supermarket (Taikos pr. 139).

20th of June, Friday. From 12 AM. Kites fiesta "During Rasos". Pasventupys, Raseiniai dist.

12-13th of July (Saturday, Sunday). Kite Art pleneur for the participants of "Monmartrs Meeting". Uzupis Art Incubator. Vilnius.

17th of July. Orange akcion. 75-th for the Darius and Girenas fly thro Atlatic.

26th of July, Saturday. Kites rally on the Stalo mount, in Uzupis. Flying pictures and fluxus objects. Vilnius.

7-10th of August. Flying kites of "Baltics Voice", nearby Kernave.

21 th of August. PEACE akcion.


22nd-24th of August. "Moon the Black Horn" and kites in the island of Zarasai lake, Zarasai.


27 of August. 500th Yaers for Zapyskis.


1th of September. Skaidra Jancaite koncert on the kites "Swing in teh Heaven". Santaka, Kaunas.


17 th of September. Foto exebition in the Sky- DIALOG WITH WIND in Vilnius Botanik garden.


27th of September. Kites for the Baltics, Palanga. Competition of sport kites, etc.

24th of October. Kites workshop in Juodkrante with Irklakojis




Events 2007

16th of February Kites workshop in International festival "PAGAUK VEJA" in Trakai

15th of Mart Kites art workshop in "KURYBOS DIENA" Vilnius City holl

15 th April- kites art workshop in Rumsiskes "Atvelykis" selibration

17-20th April Kite Art Workshops – transforming world of “Lithuanian Red book”herbs on the kite in Kaunas, M.Zilinskas art gallery

27th of April Kite performance during the opening of ‘Kaunas Jazz’ Festival
28th of April National Kite Festival and Concert for the Earth in Zapyskis

15-16-17 of May Family Kite seminar in Kaunas Marriage Chamber, and M.Svegzda von Beker recital
18th of May Kite Art Workshop in Nida
2st of June  Children’s Day. Flying kites at the grounds of Kaunas Castle
2 nd of June Kite performance during the opening of ‘Suklegos’ Folk Festival in Kaunas

3th of June Kites festival "Dangaus sypsena" in Vilnius
16th of June Celebration of Wind Day in Palanga and Vidmantai wind pover-station park , Kretinga distr.

16th June Lithuanian air forses international festival "KILKIME" in Karmelava airport
22nd of June Kite Festival ‘Rasos’ Pasventupys, district of Raseiniai

28th of June Kites festival "BITE" in Palanga
21-22 of August  Kites Art Workshop in Latvia,  Dobele distr.

15 of August - Kits Art Workshop in "Juodasis namas" Ukmerges distr.

25th of August – 2nd of September Baltic Days events in Nida: National camp for children and teenagers ‘The wing of wind’; Kite Art Workshops – ‘The Sea and the Wind’ in the Amber gallery; Celebration and concert at the seaside

22th of September Kaunas district days "RUDENS SPALVOS" in Raudondvaris

22-23 of September Family Kite seminar in Kretinga

9-10 of November - Kites cinema in Vilnius festival "LUX"

29 of November - perfomans "Flaing carpets" in Kaunas "Textile 07" G.Valtaite and B.Neverdauskiene( )

26 of December - Chrismtmas kites in Kaunas

31 of December - New Year luminous kites in Vilnius

et cetera,...